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The Benefits of Wheelchair Ramps for Mobility

Wheelchair ramps are a great practical solution in assisting an individual with limited mobility to get around and enjoy the freedom which many others take for granted. For somebody with a disability, the greatest limitation of traveling is accessibility. The first solution to getting from A to B is not rocket science and doesn’t require gadgets, circuit boards and cutting-edge interfaces - it is the wheelchair ramp! Simple to use, easy to operate and lightweight, they are an absolute necessity for any vehicle carrying disabled passengers. In our previous Blog, we explored how pre-owned scooters are restoring quality in mobility for South Africans. As an entry point to vehicle conversions, a wheelchair ramp is a brilliant and simple concept which vastly improves the lives of people, to whom mobility remains an everyday challenge.

Durable and Strong

Forget wooden ramps and the ‘underlying’ issues they carry. Aluminum wheelchair ramps are lightweight, yet stronger and more durable than their wooden counterparts. They are built for extensive use and hold their own in all types of environments, once installed correctly. Be sure to check that the weight capacity of the wheelchair ramp meets your requirements.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum wheelchair ramps produced by the innovative Swedish manufacturer, FEAL are characterized by minimalism and simplicity. This approach to design also lends to the upkeep of the ramp. With no electrical or maintenance parts on the ramp to worry about, just make sure it is adapted to the elements and ensure not to exceed any weight restrictions.

A Versatile range of Sizes to suit any need

Like disabilities, no two vehicle conversions will be the same. Different vehicles can be adapted to wheelchair ramps in a variety of sizes. The industry has adapted to customer’s differing needs and as such, there is a wide range of ramp sizes to suit any need. Wheelchair ramps can also be customized to the specific requests of a particular customer.

If you are looking for a ramp that is lightweight to operate and requires minimal maintenance, aluminum wheelchair ramps are the standout product in the market. Shoprider SA is proud to import and stock a selection of aluminum ramps designed by FEAL. We understand that there are ramps to suit different vehicles and different people. View our products online, let us know what you require, and our specialist technicians will assist in sourcing and mounting the best wheelchair ramp for you.

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