If you are in the market for a power scooter or electric wheelchair, we, at Shoprider South Africa, offer a wide range of portable mobility scooters and wheelchairs to suit your unique and personal needs. All our products are manufactured by the Pihisang Corporation in Taiwan, of which Shoprider SA has been a proud partner since 1988.

For the past 30 years, Shoprider South Africa has been one of the leading brands serving the South African market. Operating from our headquarters in Centurion, Gauteng, our business and the market has grown, and we now have representatives in key areas nationally. We also ship our parts and scooters to anywhere on the southern African continent.

We believe that our after-sales service and support give Shoprider South Africa the competitive edge when it comes to customer satisfaction and our ongoing commitment to quality control. In partnering with top European and US manufacturers, we have expanded our services to include vehicle conversions for easy and practical transporting of your portable mobility scooter or electric wheelchair.

Our technicians are fully trained, offering in-house service and manufacturing where needed. All our work is guaranteed. At Shoprider South Africa, we are passionate about providing you with the perfect portable scooter or wheelchair, giving you the personalised mobility and flexibility you need.

At Shoprider South Africa we also stock:

  • The full range of Shoprider scooters, from small and transportable to full size 4x4 models
  • A range of electric wheelchairs (power chairs) all with joystick control and twin motors
  • Service and repair items for all the scooters and chairs are kept on site
  • A big selection of pre-owned mobility devices