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  1. Restoring Quality In Mobility With A Pre-owned Scooter

    What is your opinion on purchasing a pre-owned scooter right here in South Africa? Of overcoming the challenges that hinder your mobility, and stepping aboard a platform to regain your independence. Unlike road vehicles, scooters are surprisingly low cost to maintain and upkeep. The benefits are; a quality second-hand scooter which can be restored to full capacity, and the depreciation of the vehicle is passed down as a great discount to the new owner.

    Built To Regain Mobility

    The electric scooter was first devised in the mid-1980’s by Taiwanese inventor, Gino Tsai, President of the J.D. corporation, to assist with a disability that left him struggling to walk around his factory floor. Fast forward to the present day, and they play a vital role to many South Africans whose physical challenges make the simplest of journeys, a difficult and arduous task. Portable Scooters and power chairs offer a host of features and benefits and are individually adapted to suit your requirements for speed, convenience, and foldability.

    Cost Effective Slolutions Through Pre Owned Scooters

    There is a common misconception that a second-hand scooter lags in quality and are a risky buy. In the absence of gas engines, the main focus is on the machine’s battery, thus keeping maintenance and upkeep of the scooter low-cost and affordable throughout its life cycle. At Shoprider, we have partnered with the top Taiwanese manufacturers ensuring you have a quality machine. Combined with a trained team of technicians and service mechanics, no stone is left unturned to ensure you a smooth ride. The best part: you can now own a fully serviced, pre-owned scooter or power chair for up to 40% cheaper than a newer model. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, scooters boast an impressive range and longevity and are more affordable and convenient than carpooling and Uber transport. Most importantly, second-hand models can be obtained at a great discount, backed up by an unbeatable after-sales support guarantee. We have been operating since 1988 and can guarantee that nobody can beat our expertise and experience when it comes to servicing power chairs and scooters. Don’t hesitate to contact us today, to find out how we can assist you with all your requirements. If you enjoyed this post, or know a friend or loved one whose life would be greatly enhanced with a second-hand scooter, do share this with them on social media.

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  2. Shoprider Portable wheelchair Scooters

    The Shoprider SL7-3N Portable wheelchair scooter is the smallest scooter in the Shoprider range, and allows you to move through small spaces with ease and stability. The compact size makes it ideal to transport and would fit in the smallest car boot.

    The SL7-3N is affordable and comes with full features. With its patented quick connect battery pack, charging your scooter has never been so easy.

    Length:  990mm
    Width:  550mm
    Batteries: 2 x10 Amp Battery Pack
    Motor: 0.45 hp
    Range: 8-12 km
    Speed: 5 km/h
    Carrying Capacity: 95kg
    Tyres: x3 Solids
    Heaviest Part: 18kg
    Turning Seat: Yes

    For more Portable wheelchair scooters in Centurion, Visit our store on 92 Jakaranda Street in Centurion

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  3. Consider Buying an Electric Scooter

    A mobile scooter will assist people with giving them hope and new perspective on life ad their physical disabilities that restrict their movement. This Mobile scooter features motor-powered wheels and a comfortable seat on a sleek chassis, providing a stylish way to move from one place to another. Mobile scooters are inclusive of a range of features so that they can accommodate different needs.

    Shoprider is a mobile scooter company based in centurion. Find the perfect scooter today at Shoprider centurion

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  4. Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wheelchair

    Here at shoprider we strive to offer our clients the utmost professional service and advice regarding our products and wheelchairs in centurion. We often get asked what one needs to consider when buying a wheelchair, Shoprider's  expert staff can help you choose the perfect wheelchair that considers all the important aspects.

    1. Comfort
    The most important element in a wheelchair is it's comfort.

    2. Transportation
    Does the wheelchair fold down to be portable? Would one require assistance transporting the wheelchair?

    3. Seat Size & Height
    Wheelchairs come with different seat sizes with heights that can often be adjusted, choosing the right size and height is essential to aid in comfort.

    4. Arm and Leg Rests
    All new wheelchairs are equipped with standard arm and leg rests, however choosing the right arm and leg rest can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort.

    Contact ShopRider for all your questions regarding our wheelchairs in Centurion.

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  5. Tips for a Comfortable Wheelchair

    Top tips from Shoprider SA for a more comfortable wheelchair:

    • Try a back cushion
    • Add Lumbar Support
    • Add Cushioned Arm Rests
    • Adjust the footrest
    • Crossing your Legs
    • Add a supportive backrest
    • Add Lateral Side Support
    • Wear Comfortable Clothing
    • Recline Backrest

    Contact Shoprider SA for comfortable and quality Portable wheelchair scooters and wheelchairs in Centurion.

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