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Wheelchair Ramps – Making Your House a (Wheelchair-Friendly) Home

They say ‘home is where the heart is’ and it certainly is the place where you can sink into the cosiness of the familiar, ready to refuel and refresh. When you live with a disability, the refuge that home provides is even more therapeutic. So it is imperative that your home is as disability-friendly as possible. Wheelchair ramps are the start to providing increased accessibility and freedom of movement. Get your family in on some home renovations and create a space that promotes your mobility.

The following tips are designed to turn your house into a disability-friendly home.


Wheelchair ramps should be installed wherever there is any elevation in the home. For the able-bodied, a simple step can often be taken for granted. But for a person in a wheelchair, any elevation can pose unique and frustrating challenges. If you or your loved one have some measure of mobility, install safety rails along the stairs for assistance.


Installing wheelchair ramps in the home means very little if a wheelchair can barely fit through the door! Wide doorways and entrances allow wheelchairs of various sizes to pass through with ease. Unnecessary internal doors can even be removed - creating a more open-plan design – to facilitate wheelchair mobility between rooms.


Finding ways to create more space to easily and comfortably manoeuvre in each room is imperative to making wheelchair users feel at home. Experiment with simple, space-saving décor options and trendy minimalist styles that will create a decluttered and modern feel.


After the wheelchair ramps have been installed, pay attention to the bathroom. A walk-in/roll-in shower is an absolute must. Bathrooms are notoriously slippery, so install flooring that is non-slippery, hardy, and easy to move around on with wheels. Laminate, ceramic, or vinyl are good options to consider.


A garden should offer a space of refuge and tranquillity where anyone can spend time relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Paved pathways throughout the garden will create accessible spots for wheelchair users. Wheelchair ramps offer an easy solution to areas in the garden that are not level or for outdoor areas where there are steps.

If you are looking to redesign your home to make it more wheelchair friendly, start with well-placed wheelchair ramps. Shoprider South Africa is your contact for aluminium ramps that are lightweight, easy to operate and require very little maintenance. Our imported wheelchair ramps are designed by FEAL. Contact us and we will assist in sourcing the ramp that is best suited to your specific needs.

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