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Shoprider Vehicle Accessories: Happy Travelling with Your Electric Wheelchair!

When you live with any mobility impairment, basic accessibility – which would otherwise be taken for granted – becomes a key concern. At Shoprider, we have always taken this concern to heart. We’ve hunted down wheelchair-friendly destinations in Joburg and Pretoria and given you advice on how to make your home more wheelchair-friendly. But knowing places to go with an electric wheelchair is one thing; getting there can be another challenge altogether.

The hassle of climbing in and out of a vehicle can be a tricky experience - tempting even the bravest of hearts to stay at home! But take heart – with Shoprider’s car accessories, the world is freely open to you!

Having an electric wheelchair should not hold you back from living and exploring. Browse our vehicle products below and find the best solution for your mobility needs!

Hydraulic Lifts

Fitted at the back of a van or a bus or at a side sliding door, this Hydraulic Lift enables those with limited mobility to get into the vehicle without having to get out of their electric wheelchair. View here.

Simply park your wheelchair and let the hydraulic system lift you into the vehicle so that you can ride in easily. In case an electrical problem occurs, it comes with a manual override, making it a reliable travelling companion that will be there for you all the way!

Steering Wheel Spinner

A steering wheel spinner is your driving co-pilot, helping those with limited upper body strength or dexterity issues to manoeuvre the steering wheel with ease. Motorists can be free to drive comfortably and safely. View here.

Hand Controls

Hand controls give people with limited lower body function the ability to drive independently. Carospeed Classic is a floor-mounted hand control that manages the accelerator and brake pedals with intuitive motions. Let your hands do the walking – and the driving! View here.

Boot Lifts

If you need a practical and easy-to-use system that helps you stow away your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, a boot lift is your personal vehicle assistant. This is one-size-fits-all and works with most car models, so it is an easy addition to help you hit the road and get going! View here.

Milford Person Lift

The Milford Person Lift is a regular knight in shining armour – transferring you from your electric wheelchair and into your car by lowering you into your position in a comfortable sling. This can be used for drivers and passengers. View here.

Turny Evo Seat

If you’d prefer to replace your car seat entirely with a wheelchair-friendly seat, the Turny Evo Seat Lift is the ideal solution. It swivels out the car so that you can get in and out easily and comfortably – a great option for transitioning from an electric wheelchair. With its customisable movement path, it is designed for your convenience. View here.

Turnout Swivels Car Conversion

This Turnout attaches itself to the existing car seat and swivels in and out for easy access. It is available in manual or electric versions and is EMC and crash-test approved. This swivel is suitable for both 2-door and 4-door vehicles. View here.

Top Slider

The Top Slider Portable Person Lift is a lifting aid that is attached to a roof railing and allows you to slide in and out of the car in a comfortable sling along the vertical railing. Requiring no permanent modifications to your vehicle, it presents itself as a versatile solution. View here.


Shoprider is your go-to store for electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, second-hand wheelchairs, and other mobility accessories. Browse our products online and contact us for any assistance. We are always ready to help you with your mobility needs.

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