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Purchasing A Pre-Owned Scooter - The Reliable And Affordable Option

Choosing the right electric scooter or power chair can seem a daunting task. It is an individual shopping experience, where the customer requires a vehicle that is compatible with their circumstances but can also be called on as a reliable and sustainable method of transport. The world’s top manufacturers have responded, and continue to re-develop their models, improving comfort, durability and longevity. The bonus, for the budget-conscious, is the emergence of a market for pre-owned scooters. Quality and restoration is easily achieved - the vehicle looks and feels new, but at a much better price.

Quality with a service package to match In our most recent blog we outlined a strong case for choosing a pre-owned scooter over a brand new model. Ongoing maintenance of your vehicle is an equally important consideration. You need the reassurance that should things go wrong, you have the support of certified and fully trained technicians.

Tips to Consider

  • Battery Troubleshooting - the most common problem in mobility scooters. Regardless of age, ensure your vehicle is fitted with a brand new battery. If it gives you difficulties, speak with your dealer, who can diagnose the problem, and get you back to full charge.
  • Scooter not turning on - aside from the battery, the fault may lie in the ignition, or any power save modes which may have been switched on. Make sure your ignition switch has been properly tried and tested.
  • Solid Tires - Tires bear the brunt of general wear and tear after many miles of driving. Different options, such as solid or filled tires are available. For longevity, make sure brand new tires are installed.

These problems can arise at the most unexpected times. Make sure you have a qualified repairman to call on. Somebody who holds true to their word.

After-sales service is a key component in Shoprider’s philosophy. No other company in South Africa offers ongoing support, backed up by a 6-month warranty, to ensure your peace of mind. All electric vehicles will need servicing from time to time. You need to be assured your dealer has both tools and expertise necessary to ensure you are never stranded. Shoprider has been keeping that promise since 1988. If we haven’t covered all your questions, speak to us today. Pre-owned now comes with the badge of style, quality and safety!

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