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Problem Solving Tips for Mobility Scooter Owners

As a short distance solution to getting around and completing tasks, mobility scooters provide an independent and affordable means of transport. These scooters have become incredibly popular in recent years and provided a lifeline to many people who have struggled to lead a normal life. The added bonus of electric transport has narrowed down the list of potential problems. However, as smooth as operating mobility scooters seem from the outset, they are not immune to mechanical problems. We identify the main problems you may encounter, accompanied by some troubleshooting steps.

1. Mobility Scooter is not switching on

Even after a full battery charge, a scooter may fail to start, and you are left to ponder what the issue may be. By becoming acutely aware of your mobility scooter ignition settings, you can cancel out many problems. After inserting the key in the ignition, ensure the ignition is turned to the ‘On’ position. Alternatively, check that the “Freewheeling” switch is set to “Off”. Another measure to take is to reboot the mobility scooter, giving the machine a ‘Reset’. Remove the keys and wait 30 seconds, before re-starting. If problems persist, it is advisable to seek the help of a qualified scooter technician.

2. Painfully short Battery Life

Naturally, the longer your current battery has been powering your mobility scooter, the less effective it becomes. Diagnosing this problem is as simple as calculating the declining distance covered on a full battery charge. The risk of getting stuck midway through a trip is imminent. Your only effective solution is to get a new battery fitted on your scooter. Check that the new battery is compatible with your mobility scooter, and is installed by an expert.

3 Punctured or Worn Tyres

Like their automobile counterparts, mobility scooter tyres are not immune to the wear and tear they are placed under, during regular usage. This will render your journey both uncomfortable and dangerous. When considering tyre replacement, you can avail of solid tyres, filled tyres or pneumatic tyres. Each has their own benefits, and the selection boils down to riding on tyres you feel most comfortable controlling.

If you are in the market for a new or an affordable pre-owned mobility scooter, you should not compromise on these essential components. At Shoprider, rest assured that our products are in 100% working order, and no scooter leaves our showroom without a brand new battery, flawless tyres and a thorough inspection, and approval, of all motor and electric parts.

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