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Power Chairs - Regaining Your Independence Through Practicality

If you suffer from limited mobility and are looking an independent system for getting around, there are a host of practical benefits in choosing a power wheelchair over an electric scooter to meet your requirements. At first glance, both vehicles may seem very similar. However, powerchairs and mobility scooters serve two very different groups of people needing particular levels of mobility assistance. A power wheelchair allows you to do more everyday tasks, with less fatigue and covering more ground. They are customised for individuals with greater physical restrictions and are as important inside the home as they are while out and about, carrying out your everyday routine. But it is the wide practicality of an electric power chair that sets it apart from an electric scooter as the ideal mode of transport if your disability has placed great restrictions on getting around every day. Below, are a number of benefits and features to look out for, when choosing a practical power chair.

Manoeuvring around tight spots Arguably the electric power chair’s strongest advantage is its ability to navigate around tight corners and spaces inside the home. This is owed to its “tighter turn radius” on the electric joystick, allowing easier and safer control at your own pace. It gives you a smoother passage inside the confined space of your house, which the wider turning radius of a mobility scooter would prove more difficult to handle. Shoprider has led the way in this area, with models such as the Puma 10 comfortably fitting at a table and not being restricted by legroom.

Customised to suit every size, shape and weight With a massive variety of power wheelchairs available, and adapted to the user’s specific requirements, industry manufacturers have come to the table in providing tailored solutions to the disabled community. No two human bodies will fit into the same power chair setup. Powerchairs are durable and sturdy, and fully customisable from the bottom up. You will commonly find seats that can raise and lower, front-loading for easy transfer, and accompanied by adjustable footrests designed to aid the user’s weight, height and strength.

Becoming Lighter and more Portable The power chair has, admittedly, lagged behind its scooter counterpart, when it comes to portability and easy transport. However, newer models, including Shoprider's P series models, offer options that allow the power chairs to be folded practically and partially dismantled for easy transportation.

Consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first, when deciding if an electric power chair is suitable for your needs. At Shoprider we offer a range of both new and pre-owned vehicles, which are guaranteed to ensure you a safe and comfortable ride. Don’t hesitate to contact us today, to discuss your options.

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