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Mobility Scooters South Africa: Asking the Right Questions

Every decision and choice we make in life is preceded by questions and a process of due diligence - especially when it comes to spending money or making investments. Measured consideration is always a wise approach to ensure that what you buy is compatible with your needs. This takes time and research. If you are in the market for a mobility scooter, then searching for ‘mobility scooters South Africa,’ and asking the right questions are the first steps to get you going. We’re here to guide you through this process.

Know whether you’re the right customer:

‘Mobility scooters South Africa’ is a growing niche market, providing the elderly population - especially those who are dependant on canes or walkers - with a wonderful alternative to maintaining a measure of independence and flexibility in getting around. A further advantage of mobility scooters is that they mitigate against falls and injury among those who need support methods. 

For those who live with chronic joint pain, or have a neurological disorder that affects physical mobility, a search for ‘mobility scooters South Africa’ will direct you to Shoprider, where all your questions can be answered and where you can research the ideal mobility scooter to suit your lifestyle needs and improve your quality of life. 

Know which are the right questions:

If you have made the decision to invest in a mobility scooter - here are some of the right questions to ask in order to make a wise purchase:

Question #1 - What level of comfort do I need? 

This involves a number of practical considerations as mobility scooters in South Africa come in many designs and with varying wheel sizes and added features - much like shopping for a car. There is even a 4x4 version if you are an adventure junkie!


  • Will you be travelling long distances on your mobility scooter? 

  • Will you need the mobility scooter for indoor and outdoor purposes?

  • If outdoor - what type of terrain?

  • What is the incline rating for each device?

  • Do you need a storage basket? 

Then there are ergonomic features to consider for comfort and flexibility - seats that turn 360 degrees, locking at every 90 degrees, and rotating for easy transfer with swing-up, adjustable armrests. Comfortable, slide-adjustable seats and luxury seats with adjustable head and backrests are also available. (Obviously, these all come with heftier price tags).

Question #2 - How long is the battery life?

Your daily routines and schedules will determine what type of mobility scooter you settle on, as well as the battery size. The larger the battery, the further you can go. Ideally, you want to pick the battery size that will get you to your destination and back, with some capacity to spare. (Batteries will eventually wear out and need replacing after a period of time.) 

Question #3 - Can I travel with my mobility scooter? 

This is a very important question and will narrow down some of your options if you intend for your mobility scooter to be a travel companion. If your sense of wanderlust takes you places - by trains, planes or automobiles - then our transportable range of mobility scooters is the place to start. The advantage of these is that they are lightweight and easy to disassemble and assemble for loading and unloading purposes.


Question #4 - What size and design should I go for?

When you start navigating the world of ‘mobility scooters South Africa,’ you will discover that they come in all shapes and sizes - much like people. Some scooters require more upper body strength than others, and they all have varying weight restrictions and ratings. 

These considerations will help to narrow down your options. 3-wheeled scooters have more legroom, a tighter turner circle and are easier to manoeuvre than their 4 - wheeled counterparts, which tend to be more stable.

Question #5 - Should I buy a new or pre-owned mobility scooter? 

This is is a vital budget consideration and a credible option, but you would first need to weigh up warranties/guarantees and investigate the previous history of the scooter. When buying from a reputable company, like Shoprider, the answers to this question will be addressed, as well as any concerns regarding after-sales service. 

Question #6 - Why Shoprider?

At Shoprider, we know that selecting a mobility device is a daunting task. Each mobility scooter is designed for specific needs, and we are here to help and advise. By making a list of your priority specifications and required features, we will be able to set you up with a mobility scooter that meets your expectations and your budget.  

We are industry experts with 30 over years experience, and our trained technicians are always on hand to offer in-house service. We are also passionate about providing you with the perfect mobility scooter (or wheelchair), giving you the personalised mobility and flexibility you need, while providing quality, safety and reassurance. 

SHOP all our ranges of mobility scooters South Africa.

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