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Mobility Scooters South Africa - Life begins at…?

They say that life begins at 50, or is it perhaps 60 or 70? The belief is that you are never too old to live life to its fullest and that age is not the determining factor for quality of life. In the words of C.S.Lewis: ‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.’ But perhaps living your life has nothing to do with age. We believe that life can begin with a mobility scooter. Life has a peculiar way of unexpectedly throwing unwelcome challenges along our path. But these challenges can often become the opportunity to adapt, grow and keep moving forward.

When your physical mobility is restricted, whatever the circumstances, it is easy to feel that your entire life is restricted. Subsequently, your world becomes smaller. Mobility constraints should never be the determining factor for your lack of quality of life. A mobility scooter or electric wheelchair has the potential to transform your lifestyle and give you back a part of your life, including your independence. Explore the wider benefits of Upgrading to an electric wheelchair featured on our regular BlogMobility scooters allow you to leave the house when it suits you. It also means you are not as dependant on others and their routines, or time restraints. This flexibility enables you to come and go as you please without forgoing the things you love to do. Easy to transport - owning a high-quality mobility scooter is the perfect long-term investment. If age or general frailty are the reasons for restricted mobility, then a mobility scooter becomes a significant factor in the prevention of fall-related injuries.  

At Shoprider, we are dedicated to partnering with you to overcome your challenges with our wide range of competitively-priced mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs that make living your life a whole lot easier. Our custom range of mobility scooters offers you not just comfort and mobility, but opportunity, flexibility and independence.

There are no limits to where you can go with a Shoprider mobility scooter which also means you can do so with speed and efficiency. Shoprider also has a range of pre-owned mobility scooters and wheelchairs available on our website. Regardless of your age, physical disability or challenges, we are committed to helping you take back your life so that you can once again experience it to the full.

Contact Us today to arrange an appointment and test drive one of our models.

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