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Mobility Scooter Insurance in South Africa - What You Need To Know

Aside from getting around and understanding the mechanics of mobility scooters and powerchairs, insurance travel is another important aspect that deserves specific focus. Knowing your rights, your privileges and your restrictions as a special class of motorist is something that is often overlooked when purchasing a scooter. Understanding the in’s and outs of your journey can ensure more active driving and greater safety, both for you, the driver, and of those you meet on your journey. Read on, as we share some useful information on a number of legalities and important guidelines on mobility scooter driving in South Africa.

Insurance for Mobility Scooter Drivers Regardless of the fact that mobility scooters are driving at moderate speeds - the confrontation with pedestrians, uneven surfaces, road crossings, and South Africa’s infamous taxis and drivers, can cause an accident at any stage. While the insurance industry has been slow to recognise and protect scooter driver, the main players in the market have upped their game and created Mobility Scooter Insurance Policies that provide cover for unforeseen events. Coverage is also extended to protect against theft. Look for a policy that offers the service of getting you and your scooter home, should an accident occur.

Extra Benefits which should be carefully considered are;

● Third Party Injury and Property Cover

● Hospital Benefit - Health Insurance directly related to a mobility scooter accident

● Overseas Cover - It is likely you will avail of the use of mobility scooters, where they are made available. Some providers offer built-in Overseas Cover for a limited period of time

Is Mobility Scooter Insurance a legal requirement in SA? It is not a compulsory requirement to possess mobility scooter or wheelchair insurance in the Republic of South Africa. However, common sense and the never-ending horror stories heard on the grapevine lead us to strongly recommend you take out some element of protection for your vehicle, your safety and to cover liability after an accident involving a third party. Discuss the frequency and the distance you travel with your broker. Fixing even the most minor scooter issue is far more difficult for a disabled driver. Check your policy in detail, that you have the guarantee of assistance, in the event of an emergency.

At Shoprider, we have always been an advocate that “prevention is better than cure”. In the context of insurance and avoiding, we highly stress that you follow your service plan religiously and check any minor issue with a qualified scooter technician. Stay safe on the roads, and get protected today!

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