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Converting your Vehicle To Accommodate Your Disability

Vehicle Conversions are designed and engineered with one core principle in mind - providing straightforward access to the disabled driver into their vehicle. Not only are they customised to passenger a wheelchair or mobility scooter, they also ease the process of transferring from the scooter to the front seat of a motorised vehicle. These ingenious conversions make independent self-driving a reality! Converting your vehicle to allow for full wheelchair access can be a costly but highly rewarding investment. By seeking out the right advice from both your healthcare provider and fully trained technicians who are experienced in carrying out conversions, getting around can once again become a smooth and comfortable ride.

Wheelchair Ramp Ranked as the most popular vehicle conversion for wheelchair users, they represent a lifeline for wheelchair and mobility scooter drivers who need to navigate over uneven surfaces. Having originated as fixed or portable platforms, many manufacturers have released fully electronic ramps, which can be attached to a structure, and customised exactly to the passenger’s requirements and restrictions.As an agile person, one can easily take wheelchair ramps for granted. However, to a mobility device user or even a mother pushing a baby stroller, access to a wheelchair ramp is a small but crucial step up that allows them to perform simple everyday activities.

The Milford Person Lift The Milford Person Lift, as the name aptly suggests, is manufactured to help left a wheelchair user from their chair into a vehicle, and lift them back out again after the journey. Equipped with a control box, it can also be operated independently by the user. Key to its ergonomic design is its lightweight aluminium construction. While the whole system weighs under 10kgs, it is designed to accommodate up to 149 kilograms of total lifting weight. This particular conversion is a shrewd investment versus the cost of a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Tail and Boot Lifts A simple but effective device which can be attached to almost any vehicle, a Tail Lift (external) or a Boot Lift (inside) are lightweight and portable, comfortably allowing you to stow away your mobility device while in transit. These devices give skyscraper cranes a run for their money in terms of rotation and lifting capacity. While the Boot Lift offers more discretion, the Tail Lift does cater for larger mobility devices that might not be accommodated in the user’s available transport.

ShopRiderSA has partnered with Europe and US manufacturers, bringing the above devices and many more options to our shores. Avoid the dodgy car dealers, and speak to one of our specialist technicians, who will gladly advise on the best mobile conversion system for you.

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