Portable Scooters

  • All Transportable SHOPRIDER models dismantle quickly for transporting.
  • No tools required. 
  • SHOPRIDER...is the industry leader and is known as the Benchmark for style, quality and safety. 
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Price: R 21500,00

The GK9 is the mid-sized Shoprider take-apart scooter. It is faster, has a longer range and more power than the GK8 - but is still considerably lighter than the GK10. The GK9 shares many features with...

Range 15-18 km
Speed 6 km/h
Carrying Capacity 125kg
Price: R 27500,00

The Shoprider GK10 portable scooter is the largest portable scooter in the Shoprider range, this scooter combines many of the features found in the larger Shoprider models with the added benefit of the ability...

Range 20-25 km
Speed 8km/h
Carrying Capacity 135kg