Category: Portable Scooters
Price: R 20500,00

The new GK7-3 is fun for travelling!

The versatile GK7-3 is stylish, reliable and provides a comfortable ride wherever you want to go!

It is equipped with quick colour change mouldings to give you the option of changing the colour of your scooter effortlessly. Included are red, blue and silver/champagne colour panels.

The heaviest part weighs less than 16kg. It's easy to dissemble and reassemble, virtually eliminating the need and expense for special lifts or ramps. The GK7-3 has a convenient swivelling seat.

Length 990mm
Width 560mm
Batteries 2 x 22 Amp
Motor 0.75 hp
Range 15-18 km
Speed 6 km/h
Carrying Capacity 110kg
Tyres x3 Solids
Heaviest Part 16kg
Turning Seat Yes
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