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  • All Transportable SHOPRIDER models dismantle quickly for transporting.
  • No tools required. 
  • SHOPRIDER...is the industry leader and is known as the Benchmark for style, quality and safety. 
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Shoprider SL7-3N (1)
Price: R 13950,00

The Shoprider SL7-3N scooter is the smallest scooter in the Shoprider range, and allows you to move through small spaces with ease and stability. The compact size makes it ideal to transport and would...

Range 8-12 km
Speed 5 km/h
Carrying Capacity 95kg
Price: R 15500,00

This Shoprider SL7-4 is a lightweight carboot scooter, splitting easily into 4 parts for storage or transit. It has a range of 8-12 km making it ideal for short journies such as around a shopping centre...

Range 8-12 km
Speed 6 km/h
Carrying Capacity 100kg


Price: R 19500,00

Shoprider’s GK8 is a super-lightweight four wheel scooter, easily taken apart for loading into a car. It’s a great choice for use indoors, for short trips outdoors, and for people who want a scooter...

Range 10-12 km
Speed 6 km/h
Carrying Capacity 113kg
Price: R 20500,00

The new GK7-3 is fun for travelling! The versatile GK7-3 is stylish, reliable and provides a comfortable ride wherever you want to go! It is equipped with quick colour change mouldings to give you the option...

Range 15-18 km
Speed 6 km/h
Carrying Capacity 110kg