Choosing an Electric Wheelchair For you

wheelchairs lWhether or not you're replacing an old electric chair or looking for your first electric wheelchair, Shoprider Centurion has the choice and understanding to make sure you get the electrical wheelchair this is right for you. We keep in mind that the choices available in a power/electric powered wheelchair may be overwhelming. by means of expertise the features and packages that the specific models offer, you may understand which electric wheelchair will high-quality meet your wishes.

here's a short evaluation of the distinctive varieties of products which we have.

  • Power chair
  • Scooters
  • Conversions
  • Hydraulic Lifts

Please confer with our customer's guide for even greater statistics or name one of our specialists for assist!

The Advantages of Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift

hydraulic-lift fComfort and solace is the principal standard for buyer with regards to nature of wheelchair  lift. Private impairment wheelchair lift gives better accommodation and solace. These lifting machines can keep up the security and insurance of the individual proceeding onward the wheelchair lift.

The top most imperative and fortunate thing about hydrualic lifts is their movement. It runs easily and delicately and giving the individual who is riding on it unwinding ambiances. Disabled and debilitated people generally want to ride on a  Hydraulic Lift over and over. This lifting machine has totally noise free so that is the reason you don't need to take strain of undesirable noisey wheelchair lifting units.

The most imperative advantage of introducing a hydraulic wheelchair lift is this lifting machine does not require electrical energy to run or move. So that is the reason this lifting machine extremely viable . The Hydraulic Lift does not put you in an  unfortunate situation whereby you are paying a large amount of money for an electricity bill.

Consider Buying an Electric Scooter

indoor-scooters lA mobile scooter will assist people with giving them hope and new perspective on life ad their physical disabilities that restrict their movement.

This Mobile scooter features motor-powered wheels and a comfortable seat on a sleek chassis, providing a stylish way to move from one place to another. Mobile scooters are inclusive of a range of features so that they can accommodate different needs.

Shoprider is a mobile scooter company based in centurion. Find the perfect scooter today at Shoprider centurion

Shoprider Portable wheelchair Scooters

The Shoprider SL7-3N Portable wheelchair scooter is the smallest scooter in the Shoprider range, and allows you to move through small spaces with ease and stability. The compact size makes it ideal to transport and would fit in the smallest car boot.

portable wheel chair scootersThe SL7-3N is affordable and comes with full features. With its patented quick connect battery pack, charging your scooter has never been so easy.

Length:  990mm
Width:  550mm
Batteries: 2 x10 Amp Battery Pack
Motor: 0.45 hp
Range: 8-12 km
Speed: 5 km/h
Carrying Capacity: 95kg
Tyres: x3 Solids
Heaviest Part: 18kg
Turning Seat: Yes

For more Portable wheelchair scooters in Centurion, Visit our store on 92 Jakaranda Street in Centurion

Caring For Citizens

Shoprider CenturionShoprider specializes is an expert Electric Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs Company in Centurion.

Shoprider has been in the industry for more than 28 years, assisting old aged citizens as well as disabled citizen's, keeping them mobile.

Alongside wheelchairs, Shoprider offers car conversion services in order to accomodate disabled and old age citizens with their mobility in vehicles.

Products and Services include:

  • Portable Scooters
  • Power Chairs
  • Pre-owned Scooters
  • Wheelchairs

For more information, contact Shoprider, your expert Scooters and Wheelchairs Company in Centurion on (012) 653 1168

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