Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wheelchair

Here at ShopRider we strive to offer our clients the utmost professional service and advice regarding our products and wheelchairs in centurion. We often get asked what one needs to consider when buying a wheelchair, ShopRider's expert staff can help you choose the perfect wheelchair that considers all the important aspects.

wheelchairs l1. Comfort
The most important element in a wheelchair is it's comfort.

2. Transportation
Does the wheelchair fold down to be portable? Would one require assistance transporting the wheelchair?

3. Seat Size & Height
Wheelchairs come with different seat sizes with heights that can often be adjusted, choosing the right size and height is essential to aid in comfort.

4. Arm and Leg Rests
All new wheelchairs are equipped with standard arm and leg rests, however choosing the right arm and leg rest can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort.

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