Hand Controls

Products that enable you to safely and independently drive your vehicle.

Carospeed Classic is a universal floor-mounted hand control that moves the accelerator and brake pedals to an intuitive hand control; pull for gas and push to brake.  

Each Carospeed Classic comes fitted with a hill holder to hold the brake pedal down. In this way hands are freed at traffic lights to change gears or tune the radio. Cruise control is an optional extra and its set function is activated using the same button as the hill-holder.

Carospeed Classic is available in three versions: Standard model with only the basic accelerator and brake functions. Indicator model with integral indicators for right and left and finally E model with integral electrical functions for right and left indicators, windscreen wipers, washers, horn, high and low beam and set function for the cruise control, in the knob.


For more details please visit the manufacturer's website: AutoAdapt - Carospeed

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